A Tardy post and ponies

Here we are already, deep into 2023. I always have good intentions to be more present on this. I have been writing. I’ve turned in and had approved a manuscript and a new proposal since the end of 2022. I just haven’t been writing here. I will try to be better. If you want to keep more up to date though on what I’ve been doing, please follow me at https://www.facebook.com/authorJocelynMcClay   where I make much more regular postings, or join my newsletter that you can find here on the website. Just remember that you’ll need to confirm in the corresponding email sent to you that you really want to join the newsletter.

As for what I have been doing, other than writing, grandmaing, hiking and quilting, I’ve been enjoying the ponies that we added to our family last fall after a session of fence building. Ruby (red) and Pearl (gray) are miniatures that have brought us much joy, and a few chores.

I’ve had ponies and horses off and on all through my life. It is such a delight to have these ‘fun’ size girls with us now. Pearl is shy and subdued. Ruby is as feisty as you’d imagine a redhead to be and pretty vocal. She neighs when we come up the lane on foot or in a vehicle. And if we happen to be late for mealtime, she’ll neigh when she hears the door to the house open, even though she can’t see us. Personality plus in a pint proportion.

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