Food for thought...

The quickly approaching holidays has me thinking of many things. In particular, food.

 As a child, the thought of holiday food was all about what materialized in buffet lines, serving bowls, cookie jars and on kitchen counters over the season. As an adult, I’m thinking more in line of what to make to put on those buffet lines and counter tops. And what to serve in those bowls and have in the jars in the days prior and after the official holiday, when, wonderfully, family will be staying.

Which has me thinking of recipe books.  

I have a cupboard full, including my first, a red plaid Better Homes and Garden one that I was so excited to receive when I’d reached a certain level in 4H in my youth.

 With so many books, sometimes it’s a memory game of what recipe is in which recipe book. So I’ll flip through them, noting names of folks I remember from places I used to live, where I’d purchased the locally produced recipe book to support a cause. I’ll see recipes that look intriguing and think I need to try those sometime. A sometime which has yet to occur.

I’ll frown as I glance at the other recipe books, purchased to support other causes. Ones I’ve never cracked beyond flipping through the pages when I’d originally received the book. Do I need to thin out my full cupboard? Give some away? It makes sense, especially when I now occasionally use the internet for recipes as well.

But what if I miss some treasure they contain that might become a favorite of my family?

Hmm, following the upcoming 2023 holidays is the first one of 2024. New Year’s Day. With it, for me, comes goals (not resolutions). Maybe one of them needs to be to make at least one recipe from each book I own in the new year. Sounds like a delicious idea.

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