It's not much of a journey if you're standing still

In my initial blog, I talked about taking the first steps in my writing journey. I didn’t plan on standing in the middle of the road for so long in regard to the blog before I took the second.

I haven’t in regard to my writing. My fourth book comes out in July and the fifth will soon be completed. Obviously I can find my way around a keyboard. So why the long delay on the blog?

Perhaps a bit of shyness? A bit of fear that I don’t have anything interesting to say? I’ve come up with around 55,000 words of something that’s supposed to be interesting (or at least I hope so) when it involves fictional characters and their hopes, fears and activities. Coming up with a couple hundred words about me and mine? That’s something else entirely. But I invited you to come along with me on a journey. It’s not much of one if I’m just standing still.

Some of my immobility is due to technology. I’m a plodder in regard to technology. Far from the first to adopt and usually bringing up the rear. I kept a flip phone long enough that it was almost becoming cool again to have one. Still, no excuse. Just because I’d rather learn about goats and EMS services and do research for the stories doesn’t mean I can’t and shouldn’t be able to learn enough about technology to do what I said I’d do.

So thank you to the reader who commented they wanted to follow my blog and newsletter. You’ve knocked my out of my immobile status and gave me the impetus to move forward. See, it’s always good to have a bit of company to help us out on a journey. So until next time, which will be much sooner than the last.

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