Have you ever had something happen that, at the moment, you internally exclaim ‘what an inconvenience’ and later are reminded of God’s perfect timing?

My husband and I were running errands in his relatively new truck. We’d been stopping and starting all morning, including when I dropped him off somewhere while I drove his truck, which I don’t normally do, farther on to another stop. (A quilt shop!) After I picked him up, we stopped to get gas.

And couldn’t start the truck again.

The battery was dead. I admit to immediately groaning. It was an inconvenience, among other concerns. How long were we going to be stranded at the gas station? What all would be involved in fixing the situation? And at what cost?

But in hindsight, I realized God’s timing and planning were awesome.

We were at a gas station. Where there were plenty of folks with vehicles and running batteries coming and going. With enough space to maneuver their vehicles to get to our dead battery. Which the first person my husband asked immediately did.

My husband dropped me off at home and went to the local battery shop, where he learned the truck’s new battery was faulty. It was surely going to fail us at some point and would need to be jumped any time going forward. My husband (without turning off the vehicle) called the dealer we purchased the truck from. It was under warranty, and while they didn’t have the brand from the manufacturer that was originally in the truck, they could get an even better one in that afternoon if we brought the truck in.

My husband immediately left for the one hundred plus mile round trip and the battery was efficiently replaced. I ended up with a productive writing afternoon at home.

But I later realized, there wasn’t a better place for the battery to leave us momentarily stranded. Or a better time, when we had the afternoon free and the necessary shops were open. And while I’m capable and could have figured out how to get it jumped at the quilt shop – the previous stop to the gas station – it would have been difficult with the parking situation and I’m very glad I didn’t have to handle it there.

Another reminder that God is good. Even when our battery wasn’t.

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