Lessons from my T-shirt drawer

I support the local Christian radio station when they have their fund drive in the spring. In return, they send me a T-shirt with their logo and slogan. These comfy shirts are what I wear when running errands in town. One of my errands recently was a trip to the bank. I walked into the lobby shortly after the bank opened and took my place at the end of the longest line I’d seen at the facility.

If I were to repack my characteristics, I would leave impatience out, or at least pack it closer to the bottom. To my dismay, it can have a tendency to pop up. Knowing my husband was waiting for me and that we had other errands to run before returning home with more things to do, impatience was creeping up on me faster than I was creeping to the start of the line.

Then I happened to glance down and realize what shirt I was wearing. One that boldly stated, Choose Joy. Something I was not doing at the time. Not wanting to be falsely advertising, I readjusted my attitude. And felt better for it.

Choose Joy. Now I wear my T-shirts not just for their comfy softness and support for the Christian station, but for the constant reminder they provide me on how I want to live.

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