The GR Class of 79

It’s been too long, much too long, since I’ve posted anything here.

Speaking of time has me thinking of a recent photo my daughter shared, one sent by a high school classmate. Having attended a smaller school like I did, she graduated high school with many of the classmates she’d had in kindergarten. The photo was of several classmates, circa maybe second grade. Not only had they changed considerably by the time they’d reached high school, but even more now that they were in their thirties and into careers and families.

It made me think of my graduating class of 35, many of whom now, like me are grandparents and more apt to be winding down careers rather than starting them. It made me think school mornings starting out in home room. Of a classmate, who in the late 1970s always claimed that the ‘Pack’ would be back. He was right, the Green Bay Packers were, winning the Super Bowl twice since then. It made me think of things that seemed important then. And things that are important now.

It made me appreciative of the classmates I occasionally connect with now. Not necessarily the ones I ran with then. And it makes me hope that I always treated them kindly. Which makes me hope that I do the same for those I interact decades later. Much time might’ve passed, but I hope kindness is not something I’ve ever grown out of or needed to grow into.

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